Stainless steel Sheets  and Pipes

All sheets and pipes available to our customers are from multiple reliable
from several countries, and from factories which follows the global standards
for all types of stainless steel grades starting with 304 till 316.
We also provide new collection of colored stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Cables & Chains

Stainless Steel Accessories (Fitting)

We offer the largest collection of stainless steel accessories and fitting in
stainless steel market in Kuwait.
We also provide all grades and thicknesses (304-316).
We also provide solutions to contractors and companies for stainless steel projects.

Restaurant Equipment (racks, tables , others) 

We provide all stainless steel equipment for restaurant, central kitchens,
and food preparation centers.

Fire Cabinet

We design and implement all forms and sizes of fire cabinets which
made from finest stainless steel and grafted with glass according to
the technical specification approved by fire service directorate
with highest quality.